Your 'Home Team' Our Story

The friendship of Betty, Peggy & Sandy goes back a long way . . . they each acquired their real estate licenses respectively in the late 1970s in Houston, Texas. Each was a Top Producer and worked together as friendly competitors. In the mid 1980s they left the company they were working for to start up a new company Sandy Reed & Associates. Sandy was the Broker/Owner; Peg was the Relocation Director and Betty was the Top Producer for that very successful endeavor which became one of the most prestigious real estate companies in Houston. Over time, life happened and Peg moved up north to marry and accepted a position with a national relocation company. Sandy sold her company and moved to the country to pursue her interest in Farm and Ranch property. Betty became the Marketing Director for the largest, independent realty company in Houston, Heritage Texas Properties. Each remained in the real estate industry and remained extremely close friends. Through the years they talked about how, one day, they would be back together in real estate somehow. In the meantime, in 1991, Sandy and her husband had moved to the quaint, historic town of Round Top. A year later Betty & her husband acquired a week end property in Round Top. Peg, then widowed, moved to Denver and was selling technology to the real estate industry.

Finally in the summer of 2002, Betty and her husband moved to Round Top full time and Peg moved from Denver to Round Top as well. The three fast friends then formed their equal real estate partnership, Your Home Team and the rest is history!

These three professional, savvy women remain close personal friends and work together as a team on all their real estate transactions. All for one, and one for all is their motto. You might start out working with one of them and wind up working with two or perhaps all three on any given transaction. Each one brings a different strength to the table. They each firmly believe that knowledge is power and go out of their way to educate their buyers and sellers. Their ethics and knowledge are unapproachable and their marketing plans are assertive and cutting edge.